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Welcome to my webspace. It’s a bit like myspace except we don’t need to be friends with Tom anymore. Screw you Tom. It’s not 2005, you don’t own me!
There’s a brief run down of the shows I’ve made in the past, a video of me slamming a heckler and information on how to get in touch with me if you should wish to do that.
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About Me 

I’m a standup comedian. I’ve been doing that since late 2011. My style is incredibly honest and open, my punchlines come on the off beat, I enjoy talking about stuff that matters to me and any observations come from my own skewed perspective. I write the sort of standup I’d like to watch basically. Don’t judge it til you’ve seen in the flesh, that would be my advice.
IF YOU HAVE NO INTEREST IN BOOKING ME FOR A GIG DON’T READ THIS, IT’LL BE DEAD DULL. I’ve done paid work for some clubs in the past, if you’d like to book me for your club/night drop me an email and I’ll send you a full CV and clip.


Here I’ve have a list and description of each of my Edinburgh shows in reverse chronological order. Read for interest and information on how you can see them (if you are so inclined).
Getting Better
This is my upcoming 2015 Edinburgh show. I’m really exited to do it.  It talks about Franz Kafka, Goosebumps books and Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2. As well as coming to terms with the fact that you can’t stand your own life #Depression. It’s on at 13:20 at Cabaret Voltaire from the 8th to the 29th of August. If you’re not in Edinburgh I’m touring it after the Fringe sometime so keep an eye out for that!
Vote Russell Brand
My 2014 Edinburgh Show concentrated on apathy. In my first foray into political comedy I used popular comedian Russell Brand as a device to explore the value of democracy. I don’t want to tell you too much about the plot #spoilerz, but I think structurally it’s really nice and there’s some really decent jokes in there too. It’ll be available in some format soon, either video or audio so watch this space.
Alastair Clark BA(Hons)
My first solo show was a fairly light-hearted, autobiographical look at my university days. Projector in toe I talked about being a student, falling in love and getting drunk. It had some fun interactive moments and was generally a good laugh. It’s a very different style to what I do now, but that’s just growing as an act I guess. I’ve got some hard copies of this on DVD with an awful lot of extras. If you want one just tweet me and we’ll work something out.
The Clap
In 2012 I took a sketch show to the Fringe with my pals David Alnwick (@davidalnwick) and Alex Pardey (@AlexPardey). It was fast paced, gag heavy and had a killer finale. If you’d like to watch it the whole thing is on YouTube for free, click this link: https://youtu.be/gmoRsL0Sh8A
The Maybe Pile
In 2011 I took a meta-sketch show to the Fringe with my brother Roland and my best mate Boothy. It was hard work and purile. But also a proper good laugh when we weren’t piss wet through from flyering for 7 hours only to perform to 4 unimpressed strangers who treated us with a mixture of confusion and contempt. But when we had a full room of people who were up for it I don’t know whether I’ve ever had more fun. I’m not sure any video of this exists and whether or not it will ever be available.
Want to see me slam a heckler? This is partly to entertain you but also to warn you. EMBED VIDEO
If you’d like to get in touch you can, I’m here. Use these options:
Facebook: /alastairclarkcomedian
Use this for information about what I’m doing when (if you want to see me live, not if you want to stalk me or anything it doesn’t go into that much detail).
Twitter: @alastair_clark
This is by far the fastest way to contact me, follow me if you want to see me plug gigs I’m doing and wryly post the occasional witticism.
Email: alastairclark.comedian@gmail.com
For professional stuff mainly, booking gigs, press, etc. But if you just want to say ‘hi’ I won’t be too mad.

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